A Reminder That Lee Pace Is Very Hot

He is also really tall. And has a charming smile. And twinkling green eyes. And a sharp jawline. And...

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Photo: Jim Spellman (Getty Images)

There’s a frequently asked question among people who are attracted to men: Is he hot, or is he just tall? When it comes to Lee Pace, I’m always pleasantly reminded that while he is indeed tall (6’5”!!), he’s also extremely hot. It’s in his jawline, the twinkle in his eye—and, importantly, his acceptance (and encouragement) of his status as a Very Hot Man. As the very astute Joanna Robinson put it, he’s “turned himself into a 24/7 thirst trap,” most obviously via his Twitter feed. Self-awareness is sexy—and self-awareness about being sexy is even better (especially when you look like Lee Pace).

He is currently on a press tour for his upcoming movie Bodies Bodies Bodies, which has provided a delightful number of opportunities for him to stand around looking nice. I’ve pulled a photo from this recent junket—and some other excellent shots of Lee Pace (who I appear to be incapable of referring to by only his last name). Please read on for my important investigation into the different ways Lee Pace is hot and tall.

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