Breast-Milk-Flavored Lollipops Are Now Available for You to Suck On


Are you tired of the same old lollipops just sitting around in your mouth not tasting like a stranger’s leaky breast? Well MERRY CHRISTMAS, SHERLOCK. After rigorous boob-milk taste-testing, the food scientists at one Austin-based candy company have managed to synthesize the flavor of human breast milk in the form of (VEGAN!) lollipops. Available for mail order. To your mouth.

Lollyphile is offering a treat for infants (and curious adults?) that mimics the taste of breast milk.
“We are endlessly grateful to all the mothers who kept sharing their breast milk with our flavor specialists until we were able to candify it,” says the Lollyphile site.
Actual breast milk was used in the final vegan-friendly product, though real milk was used to help the Lollyphile team synthesize the flavor of the lollipops.

From their website:

So what’s happening is that suddenly it seems as though a lot of our friends are having babies. And since some of us are confectioners, we felt it was our responsibility to find out just what this flavor was that could turn a screaming, furious infant into a placid, contented one. Surely the flavor must be heavenly, yes?

Just to sum up, it’s milk that squirts out of the breast of a human woman. In lollipop form. Eat it. You love it. You’re welcome.

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