George Clooney For President!

  • “Either give them the basic tools for protecting the population and themselves, or have the decency to just bring them all home. Because you can’t do it halfway. Bring them home and shut off your TV and your radio and your phones and the Internet and go back into the offices and wait until it’s all over.” That’s George Clooney, on Darfur. Also, the UN rescinded its invitation to speak so he was stuck telling reporters what he wished he could have said. [LA Times]
  • Just what is so wrong with a former president going to lick the ass of a nefarious dictator under the guise of helping ppl with AIDS when really he was helping a friend land an insanely lucrative long-shot uranium deal so said friend would donate $131 million to his charity that helps ppl with AIDS?
  • Well see, while Bill Clinton was in Kazakhstan telling them he hoped they would land the leadership of some regional security thing, the wife back home was writing letters to the State Department aout how they should prevent Kazakhstan from achieving that, so…it just kind of looks like they don’t talk enough? [NYT]
  • Esp since the same thing sort of happened the year earlier w. Dubai? [WSJ]
  • Obama is the most liberal senator according to the National Journal, which ranks Hillary #16. You’d think this might lead to that “substantive discussion of the issues you all have so been longing for,” but I think you have to pay them lots of money for them to tell you how they calculate this shit. [National Journal]
  • “We’ve learned that a good or a bad president can make the difference between war and peace.” [NY Times]
  • And the difference between a $2 trillion budget and a $3 trillion one! [WSJ]
  • A second opposition leader in Kenya has been killed. Government leaders say it was a crime of passion that had to do with some sort of love triangle, but…uh…[NYT]
  • McCain, Rudy and the Governator triangulate Hillary’s “green collar” thing; Obama raised $32 million. [Wash Post]
  • Money means nothing. [Talking Points Memo
  • Did Bill Clinton just speak a painful and politically unpopular truth about how money means nothing if we can’t do what’s best for the country over the long term? [ABC News]
  • And don’t forget tonight’s debate in Hell-Ay! [WSJ]
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