Gothic Rapper on Trial For Butt Injection Death Name-Drops Amber Rose


So wait, does Amber Rose have butt implants? According to court testimony made by Padge-Victoria Windslowe, she sure does, and they’re the super-unsafe, silicone-injection kind. How does Windslowe know this? She is the self-described “Michelangelo of butt injections,” and she claims to have administered them herself.

Windslowe, also known as a the gothic rapper/singer Black Madam, is currently on trial in Philadelphia for the third-degree murder of a 20-year-old British dancer, who died in 2011 after Windslowe injected her with a lethal dose of silicone and Krazy Glue. Until then, she had a thriving business where she performed illegal cosmetic “surgery”on musicians, exotic dancers, and fellow trans women looking to fill out. “Amber was like a walking billboard,” for her work, Windslowe told the court. “She brought a lot of girls from VH1.”

In 2011, Claudia Aderotimi traveled to Philadelphia to have work done by Windslowe, along with friends who had already received some of her services. When Aderotimi began having trouble breathing and became disoriented, Windslowe is alleged to have left the airport hotel room (ugh) where they were conducting the procedure, and Aderotimi ultimately died from a pulmonary embolism after the silicone spread to her lungs and heart.

Silicone injections are, obviously, very risky and often lethal, though they’re still fairly common among people (and often trans women) who don’t have the means for implants, or for reassignment surgeries, or for other kinds of legal procedures. Even people with lots of experience can screw up—Windslowe claimed to have been injecting people as a side hustle for almost 20 years after being taught the craft by a doctor in Thailand. Even if the client doesn’t die, there are other risks—who can forget that 2011 New York Times piece about Zaira Quispe, the New York woman whose silicone implants changed her life in a way she didn’t foresee:

In time, the silicone in her body calcified and began to migrate, causing her a seemingly endless series of hospitalizations. At the beginning of July, she was hospitalized for an infection. Her body has been left scarred and misshapen. The skin on her buttocks and legs is discolored, and a lump of hardened silicone the size of a golf ball hangs behind her left knee.
“I knew she didn’t have any training, but I couldn’t go to a doctor to get the implants,” she says of the pumper and what drove her to get the injections. “I just wanted to look beautiful.”

Windslowe claimed that once Kanye West dropped Amber Rose off for an appointment; she also claims she has injected herself.

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