Leave Sydney Sweeney Alone!!!

Apparently a heckler at the Met Gala made a remark about the actress's body. A PSA to everyone: Stop doing that!

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Leave Sydney Sweeney Alone!!!
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Being a human is exhausting, but being a human woman or birth-capable person right now is arguably worse. Adding further insult to the current state of *gestures wildly at everything* was none other than a shithead in the crowd at the Met Gala on Monday night who apparently screamed out to Sydney Sweeney that she should reveal her chest.

A TikTok by 24-year-old Sabrina Bergsten went viral this week in the wake of the Gala showing Sweeney walking up the steps to the Met while fans and photographers call out to her. The clip in the TikTok is from a video posted on the New York Times’s fashion Instagram page, and it appears to show Sweeney smiling at cameras while an off-screen voice catcalls her.

“Does anyone have boobs like you down there? Come on, show us those boobs,” the voice seems to say.

First of all, fuck off to that person and that person only. Secondly, who shows up at the Met Gala to scream at a celebrity and ask to see their boobs?

While some of the comments have suggested that the person screaming at Sweeney may have said, “show us those moves,” and not “boobs,” the advice we have for everyone still stands: Leave Sydney, and all of us, alone!

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