Maybelline Is Now Facing Boycotts Over Its Dylan Mulvaney Partnership

The actress and TikTok phenomenon posted a partner video with the makeup brand over a month ago.

Maybelline Is Now Facing Boycotts Over Its Dylan Mulvaney Partnership
Photo:Roy Rochlin (Getty Images)

Dylan Mulvaney is unfortunately causing transphobes to, once again, lose their minds. What’s the latest financial venture causing conservatives to wet themselves? Mulvaney’s partnership with Maybelline, the shining star of CVS makeup aisles everywhere. Imagine throwing a fit because you saw a trans person drinking a beer and then throwing another fit because you saw them using makeup. These people are idiots.

Specifically, people who are giving Elon Musk $8 a month for blue checkmarks have started sharing a month-old TikTok on Twitter of Mulvaney using Maybelline’s concealer. In the branded clip, Mulvaney prepares for her one-woman stage show Dylan Mulvaney’s Day 365, the real-life show inspired by her TikTok series that documented her transition.

And now, the website that reads more and more like an incel forum each day is giving this unremarkable 12-second clip of Mulvaney using makeup a weird new life. One person tweeted “Time for #BoycottMaybelline to trend, since Maybelline used Dylan Mulvaney as their sponsor.” Meanwhile, people on TikTok (where Mulvaney has nearly 11 million followers) are commenting on the clip saying things like “well not buying Maybelline anymore” and urging others to boycott the brand as well.


Getting glam for my Day 365 show with @maybelline #maybellinepartner

♬ Hey It’s Me – Official Sound Studio

The entire thing is extra stupid for a number of reasons but one of them being that the video is from March 13, and another one being that Maybelline isn’t even the most recent company that Mulvaney’s posted about. Just a few weeks ago, she talked about her OleHenriksen influencer trip to Copenhagen and she’s also scored partnerships with massive clothing companies like Nike and Kate Spade. How transphobes are randomly picking and choosing what to be pissed at is beyond understanding.

Again, this isn’t even the first time this year that companies trying to cash in on Mulvaney’s popularity have been targeted. Rightwing cranks most recently went after Anhueuser-Busch for their Bud Light campaign with Mulvaney—with losers like Kid Rock taking an actual assault rifle to three cases of Bud Light. (Rich people have too much money and too much free time.) And on Sunday, Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried to dunk on Mulvaney by declaring the actress is not a “real woman” (the least original form of transphobia), instead of, you know, running the state.

Sadly, visible trans people scare the people who measure their self-worth by not knowing how to use a pronoun and by getting offended at the notion that maybe guns are bad after another school gets shot up.

Mulvaney has only been posting about her transition for one year. Imagine how many dumb boycotts she’ll inspire over her lifetime. Until then, I guess I gotta go grab some of Maybelline’s iconic Great Lash.

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