OnlyFans Model Threatens to (Illegally) Release Her Sex Tapes With Zion Williamson

"I'm going to post everything this is the last time you betray me," tweeted Moriah Mills, who claims the NBA star cheated on her by impregnating another woman.

OnlyFans Model Threatens to (Illegally) Release Her Sex Tapes With Zion Williamson
Photo:Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images, @thisismoriahmills/Instagram

UPDATE: As of Tuesday afternoon, Moriah Mills’ Twitter account appears to be suspended. The suspension comes after the OnlyFans model repeatedly threatened to release a sex tape of her and NBA star Zion Williamson without his consent—which is a crime—in retaliation for Williamson allegedly cheating on her.

Two weeks after coming forward with a deluge of tweets accusing NBA star Zion Williamson of cheating on her, a woman named Moriah Mills is now very publicly threatening to release Williamson’s and her sex tapes without his consent—unless, it seems, a wire transfer of money she claims he promised her finally comes through. This would be a criminal act, in violation of revenge porn laws that exist in both Georgia (where Mills resides) and Louisiana (where Williamson resides), as well as laws around extortion.

Nonetheless, Mills is being shockingly public about threatening Williamson—either to demand more money from him or simply to punish and humiliate him more than she already has. “You will lose all your endorsements if the sex tapes drop @Zionwilliamson!! You about to be traded … it’s over for you !!! Fat bust,” Mills wrote in a Monday tweet. In another, moments earlier: “Trade this man @Zionwilliamson enough is enough @PelicansNBA !!!!! I’m going to post everything this is the last time you betray me Z the sex tapes.” Mills also suggests the illegal release of the tapes is imminent: “Sex tapes dropping soon,” she wrote in another tweet.

Mills first came forward and began firing off dozens of outraged tweets per day at the New Orleans Pelicans star about two weeks ago, after Williamson and his girlfriend, Instagram model Ahkeema, announced their pregnancy. For several consecutive days, Mills subjected Williamson to what one civil rights lawyer characterized as harassment, posting invasive details about Williamson and her alleged relationship with him, body-shaming and mocking him, slut-shaming and mocking his girlfriend, and claiming their relationship wasn’t over.

Some of the screenshots Mills, an OnlyFans model, posted heavily suggest the two shared a paid sexual relationship, as Williamson appears to ask her how much she expects him to pay her per month. And while Mills is claiming Williamson was unfaithful to her, Williamson hasn’t spoken on the matter at all. So it really isn’t clear whether both understood their relationship—whatever its nature—as exclusive.

Despite being very publicly threatened with a sex crime, Williamson hasn’t received a whole lot of (or really any) public support from his employer. Instead, rumors are circulating that not only is the Pelicans organization considering trading its young star, but that “higher-ups” at the organization find the varying revelations about Williamson’s conduct off-putting.

To put things in perspective, Williamson is a 22-year-old who—like all NBA stars—came into massive amounts of money seemingly overnight. It’s not that wild or unexpected for him to have consensual sex with an OnlyFans model, and he hardly deserves to be harassed, publicly humiliated, and threatened with a sex crime. But his team seems to be turning on him rather than supporting him, so maybe there’s more to the story than we know.

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