The Sexiest Fictional Horror Villains of All Time

Because, sometimes, lusting after monsters makes them less scary.

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From left, Candyman, Pinhead, Jennifer Check, and Pennywise. Image: Wikipedia/Hulu/20th Century Fox/IMDb

Have you ever watched a horror film so terrifying that it triggers inexplicable trauma responses? Has one of those said responses ever been to make a baddie out of a Bad Guy™? If you answered yes, then we see you, we hear you, and your feelings are valid, etc. Sometimes, lusting after a monster is the easiest way to make them less monstrous. To quote the viral reaction video of the late, great Leslie Jordan: “He’s a murderer! But he’s kinda cute.”

Now, before you cancel us, we’re not sexualizing actual serial killers, but, to paraphrase The Craft’s Nancy Downs, we are freaks. (Not the kind that bid on Jeffrey Dahmer’s spectacles.) Would we throw it back and let Ghostface catch it? So long as Billy Loomis and/or Stu Macher are behind the mask! Yes, we’ve seen Reddit, and we know that somewhere in the world, a fellow freak just started Candyman and is already grappling with some spine-chilling, basement-tickling thoughts.

Note: Audra and Lauren do not condone, support, encourage, or wish to actually partake in any of the violent activities mentioned. Proceed with caution and a sense of humor...this slideshow is rated NC-17.

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