Angel Haze Destroys Richard Cohen's 'Miley Cyrus, Steubenville' Op-Ed

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Remember how Washington Post lecher Richard Cohen took it upon himself to link Miley Cyrus’s gif-spawning performance at the VMAs to the Steubenville rape case, because someone needed to light the moral gas lamp and totter around the WaPo‘s op-ed page, grasping at sensationalistic straws? Well, rapper Angel Haze certainly remembers Cohen’s editorial grossness, and made sure to give him a thorough Twitter shaming yesterday afternoon.

In an effort to defend Miley Cyrus/point out how Richard Cohen is an out-of-touch misogynist who looks like a kindergartner’s cotton-ball Santa Claus craft project, Haze wrote the following criticism of Cohen’s Tuesday column, “Miley Cyrus, Steubenville and teen culture run amok”:

Haze’s righteous rant didn’t end there. She added, “Women are allowed to not feel enslaved by any opinion that suggests that the display of any sort of sexuality is wrong,” thus carrying out her turn in Richard Cohen’s sentence to receive infinite tongue lashings from all reasonable humans. [Twitter, E!]

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