Ben and Jen Marry Again! Here’s Everything We Know.

The Afflecks threw an extravagant white-themed wedding at his "imitation plantation" in Georgia on Saturday, a month after their cute Vegas elopement.

Ben and Jen Marry Again! Here’s Everything We Know.
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Ben Affleck, 50, and J.Lo, 53, eloped in Las Vegas in July, nearly 2o years after the paparazzi ruined their first engagement in 2003. She reportedly took his name, becoming the second famous Jennifer Affleck after Garner. The newlyweds honeymooned in Paris with some of their kids in tow, and Ben fell asleep on a boat. That brings us to now.

This weekend, Bennifer 2.0 threw a massive wedding on Affleck’s $8.9 million plantation-style riverfront mansion in Georgia, which he reportedly bought while they were dating the first time. Per the Daily Mail: “Ben Affleck’s sprawling Georgia estate where he and Jennifer Lopez will be saying ‘I do’ again is built on a former slave-operated plantation, and sits just south of Savannah where Affleck’s ancestors once owned a host of slaves.” OK! Should probably further unpack that at some point.

The party was, of course, extravagant. It reportedly cost about $400K, and many famous people attended—all wearing white, because J.Lo notoriously loves for everything around her to be white at all times. Jen wore a custom Ralph Lauren mermaid-style gown with a long, ruffled train and even longer sheer veil. There was a white grand piano, a custom-built wedding bell, Savannah trolley buses to shuttle the guests around the estate, and a massive fireworks show, about which Ben reportedly had to warn low-flying planes and helicopters ahead of time so that no one would die a fiery death trying to get a glimpse of the party.

Now for the drama (which, to be clear, was all very mild compared to Britney Spears’ ex-husband crashing her wedding armed with a knife): Ben Affleck’s mom was rushed to the hospital with a minor injury after falling off his dock on Saturday. His brother, Casey, reportedly skipped the event due to “parental obligations,” and his ex-wife Jennifer Garner (Affleck) spent the afternoon shopping at a Sam’s Club far, far away. But all of their children were in attendance, as was his better half, Matt Damon—obviously. (Jen’s kids, 14-year-old twins Max and Emme, attended their Vegas wedding, but Affleck’s—Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10—had missed that one.)

The Afflecks hosted a little BBQ on Sunday afternoon for an intimate group of family and friends. And to answer the burning question we all have: No sign of Dunkin’ Donuts has been spotted anywhere on the estate during these nuptials, which almost certainly has J.Lo’s fourth husband fiending like never before.

Big congrats to these two upon illustrating a rare case in which reuniting with an ex actually leads to commitment!

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