Bravo Stars Reportedly Sign Away Rights to Sue Over STIs Contracted During Shows


If reality TV were real life, this post wouldn’t exist and anyone with any sense would continue operating under the understanding that if you contract an STI from consensual sex, you have no one to sue but yourself.

But reality TV is not real life, thus according to an anonymously sourced Page Six report, Bravo has its stars sign an “STD clause” that ensures they cannot sue should their on-set behavior result in the clap (like applause but…oozing).

Says Page Six:

Sources familiar with the contracts say that Bravo washes its hands (thoroughly) of the potential diseases so that it doesn’t get sued if bed-hopping stars pick up something nasty while taking part in its shows.
Network insiders, meanwhile, assure us that such provisions are common across all networks, especially on dating shows.

Meanwhile, ABC takes a more proactive approach by testing its Bachelor finalists.

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