Demi Lovato Is, Reportedly, Leaving That Man

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Demi Lovato Is, Reportedly, Leaving That Man
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The rumors are true.

People reports that singer Demi Lovato and soap opera actor Max Ehrich have broken off their engagement. The former couple, who began dating in March of this year and got engaged in July, had been in the news in recent weeks after stans resurfaced old tweets of Ehrich’s dating back to 2010 where he was thirsting after Selena Gomez—Lovato’s childhood best friend. (Along with the tweets, there are also screencaps from various Instagram Lives where Ehrich talks about his crush on Gomez.)

Lovato initially responded on her Instagram Stories, saying “it’s really sad when people FAKE images to pit women against each other. If women have conflict that’s between them NOT YOU.” But despite Lovato’s claims, it seems clear that Ehrich definitely posted at least some of those tweets, and at the very least that the actor has spoken publicly for many years now about his crush on Selena Gomez. And it’s understandable that this lusting over Gomez would cause some… waves in Ehrich’s relationship with Lovato. The former Disney stars’ friendship has been on and off over the years, and even though there doesn’t seem to be bad blood at the moment, Lovato clarified in an April interview that although she will “always have love for [Selena],” at the time the two were “not friends.”

It would make anyone a little uncomfortable (if not downright suspicious) to find out that their fiancee was calling their once-BFF his “wife” and following her fan accounts potentially as recently as 2018. After Demi’s tumultuous past few years, she deserves more than someone who doesn’t even know how to erase his old tweets.

This situation can’t help but make me wonder: what if all stans chose to turn their unmatched internet research skills towards good, instead of scouring Twitter in search of people to harass into streaming their fave’s latest single? The world will never know. [People]

In a sentence that reads like a celebrity gossip themed session of Mad Libs, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards has a lead on finding a ring stolen from her two years ago—after seeing it on the hand of a Santa Monica psychic in a photograph taken by Diane Keaton. You know, classic rich people stuff.

“I was looking on Instagram and I saw Diane Keaton – she posted a picture of a psychic’s hands on the Third Street Promenade and they had my ring on her hand,” Richards recently shared on the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” special, “Secrets Revealed.”

In 2018, the California home that Richards shared with her husband was burglarized and nearly $1 million of belongings were taken, including the ring. After seeing the photo, Richards contacted Keaton to get more information on the psychic, who the actress had spotted on Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade.

Richards initially hired a private detective to find the fortune teller, but after they failed, she went to look for the woman herself. “I want to know if she bought that from someone at a pawn shop, even if I have to buy it back from her, I’m happy to do that.” Hell, if it could lead to finding nearly $1 million worth of stolen personal belongings, I would also be interviewing people on the street until I got a lead. [Page Six]

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