Does One-Fifth of Fifth Harmony Have Two Right Feet?


If a photograph from their recent Billboard magazine profile is to be believed, one-fifth of Fifth Harmony has two right feet. I don’t mean that in an idiomatic sense, either, as we all know two- to three-fifths of what makes Fifth Harmony “Fifth Harmony” are their dancing skills. No, what I mean is that Ally Brooke has two right feet.

Those of you lucky enough to have both a right foot and a left foot are probably aware that your big toe, known as a “hallux,” is on the inside of each foot—meaning it’s the leftmost toe on your right foot, and the rightmost toe on your left foot. Both of Brooke’s big toes, however, are on the left side of her feet. The detail was pointed out Thursday afternoon by Twitter user @zillion0607, who may or may not be a podiatrist.

The full photo doesn’t appear to be the on Billboard’s site, but was tweeted by Shady Music Facts:

Is this a Photoshop mistake, or does Ally Brooke have two right feet? I reached out to Fifth Harmony and Billboard to find out more, and will update the post if they respond.

UPDATE: Billboard sent Jezebel the following statement regarding the two right feet:

The photo circulating on the Internet is a manipulated outtake from a Billboard photo shoot. It was never published by Billboard.

I’ve reached out to Shady Music Facts to find out how they acquired the photo.

Image via Billboard.

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