Guy Ritchie Reportedly Thinks Madonna’s Parenting Style Is Killing Their Son's Confidence

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The saga of Rocco Ritchie has not yet ended, and it might have something to do with the clashing parenting styles of Guy Ritchie and his ex-wife Madonna.

People spoke with a source close to Ritchie who had a lot to say about the whole thing:

“He wants Rocco to have the confidence he lacked growing up and thinks Madonna’s stern parental style is counterproductive. The welfare of Rocco is Guy’s priority.”

That disapproval of Madonna’s “parenting style” could be why Rocco hasn’t left Ritchie’s custody in England despite a court order requiring him to return to New York City.

According to the Ritchie source, Rocco thinks his Manhattan private school is elitist, and he misses spending time with his friends in London. (Despite tabloid reports that the teen is refusing to return to New York because of a girlfriend, the Ritchie source says, “There’s nobody serious he’s dating at the moment.”)

Don’t you just love how they slid that in? “By the way, he’s single!” God bless People and God bless the Ritchies.


Yesterday, cool guy Scott Disick posted a video of—allow me to be blunt here—a man getting a blowjob from a fish. Or, more specifically, he posted a video containing of an act of animal abuse in which a man forcibly shoved his dick into the mouth of a fish. “Does anyone know what kind of fish this is?” he captioned it.

Instagram deleted the video (it violates their terms of service somehow), but if you’d like to read a very detailed description of it, allow me to direct you to a post by Gawker’s Sam Biddle.

[Page Six]

And now, a follow-up to yesterday’s Ramona headline:

Amal Clooney talk good.


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