Here is Girls' Zosia Mamet Rapping in a Never Before Seen 2010 Video


Here is some mind-blowing news to round out your evening: In 2010, Zosia Mamet wanted to be a rapper.

The tipster who sent the video to Jezebel says it was a promo video shot in 2010 for the Girls’ actress. Mamet has been trying to launch a music career for quite some time now. In 2013, she tried unsuccessfully to use Kickstarter to fund a music video project with her sister. Apparently, before trying the folk music thing she was dabbling in rap It’s unclear if she dropped out of the rap game to pursue more acting or if some loving friend just took her aside and said “please, please don’t ever, ever do this again.” Hey, at least our tipster seemed to think her rap skills were pretty decent.

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