'I Felt a Dick Pressing Into My Face': Terry Richardson Strikes Again


Yesterday, we reported that New York magazine is planning a cover story on noted pervy fashion photographer Terry Richardson and the hailstorm of rumors that he routinely sexually exploits and assaults models with the help of his creepy-as-fuck assistant Leslie Lessin. Now, another woman has come forward claiming that Richardson sexually assaulted her, and she’s spoken exclusively to us about it.

We received this email last night and we’ve reprinted it here in its entirety.

My name is Anna [Redacted] and I am a writer and stylist living in New York City. While I’m not a professional model by any means, I was photographed and sexually assaulted by the delightful Terry Richardson following the July 2008 launch party of the Nolita restaurant Delicatessen. I was 23 at the time.

Terry had been hired to take portraits of party-goers (the photos from the booth are still collaged on the restaurant’s menus and bathroom walls, mine included), and he was apparently quite taken with my energy in front of the camera (please note the sarcasm here). His now-infamous assistant, Leslie Lessin, approached me and asked if they could have my phone number to set up a photo shoot. I obliged.

Then she came back. Now they wanted to know if I would be willing to skip out on the party for a few minutes and go do an impromptu photo shoot at Terry’s home/studio on Bowery, just a few blocks away. Never one to turn down an ill-advised adventure or an appeal to my vanity, I said, “Sure!”

I can’t even say he shot any photos. His assistant held the camera and pushed the buttons, under his direction. At first, I just stood against the wall, traditional portrait-style while I made goofy faces and she snapped away. Innocent fun. He asked if I’d reveal my “tits.” I’m not against nudity by any means and have had plenty of photographer friends shoot me in various states of undress so again, the answer was, “Sure. Why not!” Boobs out, no big deal.

Then he entered the shot and Leslie snapped a few of us together. He had me kind of crouch down on the floor as I moved around, posing. Then, suddenly, I felt a dick pressing into the side of my face. Terry Richardson’s semi-hard penis was plunged into the outside of my cheek, and he was jabbing it into my face. Leslie giggled, and muttered something to the effect of the, “Isn’t this fun?!” He pressed it to my lips. He clearly wanted a blow job and wanted it documented on camera.

I didn’t want to act scared or angry because I was in this guy’s apartment with no one else around aside from his equally screwed-up assistant and who knows what these psychos were capable of, so I merely muttered something about having to get back to the party and jetted the hell out of there.
Several days later, while I was sitting at work, I received a call from an unfamiliar number. It was Leslie.
“Hey, Anna! So Terry cannot stop talking about you. You’re his new muse. He’s obsessed.”
I remained silent. “And his birthday is coming up, and I have kind of a crazy idea I know he would just love. I was thinking, you could just show up at his apartment – I’ll tell you when I’ll know he’ll be home – and when he opens the door, you just grab him and make out with him. Then run away! He will absolutely love that. Just don’t tell Jen [Brill, his photo agent girlfriend at the time]. She can never know about this.”
“Leslie, I have no desire to make out with him. Absolutely not.” I hung up.
The photos are still out there, but I have never seen them. I would have come out with the story when the incident happened, but – as pathetic as this sounds – didn’t think anyone would give a shit about a non-model getting a dick, albeit a famous fashion photographer’s dick, shoved in her face without any proof whatsoever. I seriously regret just pushing it aside, as I have done time and time again when it comes to incidents involving myself and sexual assaults, a history that goes back to when I was a young teenager. But hearing that New York magazine is going to publish a story absolving the sleazebag of a load of sick, sordid stuff he most definitely, obviously did to multiple women is enough to finally incite me. The guy shouldn’t just be locked out from the fashion photography world, he should be in jail. Add another girl to the list!

Ever had an encounter with Uncle Terry or his dick? Email us.

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