Impeachin' 2: An Open Thread

Impeachin' 2: An Open Thread (Getty Images)

Despite the fact that sequels are generally a contrived means of bringing an original cast back together with predictable plotlines acted out by bored players just looking to get this thing over and done with so they can move on to a new project, some of the highest-grossing films of all time have been follow-ups. But as those who saw The Hangover Part II can attest, sometimes chasing the dragon of that first rush only ends in profound bewilderment.

As former President Donald Trump heads into his second impeachment trial—a follow-up to 2019’s impeachment—most experts agree that while the plots differ, the resolution will likely be the same: a bunch of Senators voting not to convict despite it being fairly obvious to the audience that he did that shit.

Are you watching this time around? Care to talk about it? Give us the company of your misery in the comments below.

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