Is This Shoe OK? The Ugg x Eckhaus Latta Open Toe Court Mule

Is This Shoe OK? The Ugg x Eckhaus Latta Open Toe Court Mule

Welcome to Is This Shoe OK?, an infrequent column about shoes that may or may not be good, as determined by me—an authority, because I own shoes—and you, in the comments. In today’s installment, we’re looking at Ugg’s collaboration with Eckhaus Latta—specifically, the high-heeled, ferociously furry, open toe court mule.

What comes to mind when someone utters the word Ugg? I think of discontentment and sweaty toes. The Australian-American shoe company was once and potentially still is a wardrobe staple for preps, and having never been one, I’ve always found them to be pretty freaking ugly. A quick dive into the Jezebel archives proves that I am not alone in this opinion. They’re pretty bad. Conversely, however, is the New York-based fashion line Eckhaus Latta. Operated by Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Lotta, the brand has been celebrated for their artsy-fartsy, forward-thinking, deconstructed designs. (Also for once running a campaign featuring people literally doing it, but that’s a conversation for another time.)

A collaboration between these two brands is unexpected. On the surface, they appear to share very little in common, with the exception of a similar interest in utility. Even so, there is no reason the Ugg x Eckhaus Latta collab should be this good…. especially the “COURT MULE OPEN TOE” shoe in a delicious mint green and black combo. It looks like an Andes chocolate mint, but wearable. More specifically, they’re perfect for hitting the club in a cold Scandinavian country. Like, not even during Midsommar. The wearer of these shoes could dance it up in warehouse in Aarhus, look hot as hell, and keep those feet mostly-toasty. It is open toe, alas, but not all shoes were made to be practical.

That said: these magnificent mules do cost $450, which is a lot more money than I would ever spend on shoes, but I do love them. These shoes are much more than OK. They are great.

And yet, this is not about my opinion. It’s yours. Do you think these shoes are okay? Do you think someone would have to be out of their mind to wear furry open-toe Ugg-mules? Have you considered tights? Let us know in the comments below: are these shoes OK?

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