Lady Teabagger Brings Controlled Crazy To Late Show With David Letterman


Last night, David Letterman interviewed Tea Partier Pam Stout, who has some interesting ideas about Obama’s “documentation,” Glenn Beck, and, for a little blast from the past, weapons of mass destruction.

Stout hails from Britain via Sandpoint, Idaho, also the hometown of Pulitzer-Prize-winning novelist Marilynne Robinson. Also originally from Sandpoint: Tea Party darling Sarah Palin!

Since when do we “demonize business?” And why did Letterman’s audience applaud her tautological statement that “there’s no jobs without businesses?”

Stout says that, like many Tea Partiers, she saw the financial crisis coming. However, the Tea Party’s claim to be the voice of reason in a crazy world is cast into serious doubt by some of its other beliefs…

… like that President Obama “spends lots of money to cover up his documentation.” Also, on the war in Iraq, Stout says “I’d rather fight our enemies overseas than at home.” Hasn’t this argument been pretty well debunked by now? Not according to Pam, who calls Saddam Hussein “a weapon of mass destruction.”

Despite her earlier comments about the war in Iraq, Stout claims she’s “a pacifist.” And Glenn Beck has made her more “introspective.” Letterman tells Pam “you don’t frighten me at all” — but the idea of Glenn Beck causing someone to look deep inside her soul seems pretty scary to us.

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