Marion Cotillard Is Pregnant

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  • Two stars are becoming parents (but not with each other). Marion Cotillard is expecting her first child with boyfriend Guillaume Canet. Meanwhile, Owen Wilson‘s rep revealed his girlfriend Jade Buell is pregnant, and “due any day.”

Buell plans to give birth in Hawaii, and an insider says Owen is, “very excited and involved with the pregnancy.” [Us, Us]

  • Though Star magazine recently declared Michael Douglas is on death’s doorstep, he said in a recent interview, “The odds are, with the tumor gone and what I know about this particular type of cancer, that I’ve got it beat.” [Radar]
  • Here’s a photo of Justin Bieber kissing a female fan that’s sure to inspire another round of Twitter death threats. Take note, kids: Grownups resist the urge to send Michelle Williams hate mail, even though it’s pretty clear she’s stolen Ryan Gosling from our clutches. [Radar]
  • The publisher of Playboy has accepted a buyout offer from a partnership headed by Hugh Hefner. This means Hef will be able to take the company private. [AP]
  • Ugh, looks like Glee-mania is starting up again. Here are some blurry shots of the kids performing “Thriller.” [N.Y. Mag]
  • “Poll: Should Oprah Winfrey Be Gay-Grilled Again?” Uh … no? [E!]
  • Suze Orman will counsel Nadya Suleman on Friday’s Oprah about how to keep herself out of foreclosure. Apparently step one is more public appearances. [UPI]
  • Bristol Palin went to Walmart, and this is news. [TMZ]
  • Dick Winters, the World War II veteran whose story was chronicled in Band of Brothers, died last week after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. He was 92. [AP]
  • George Condo, the artist who painted the cover for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, says Kanye West was looking for “something that will be banned.” Yes, IT WAS ALL A PUBLICITY STUNT. We’ll never trust a self-promoting celebrity ever again!! [N.Y. Mag]
  • Jamie Foxx told Jay Leno that he’s a victim of racial profiling. “I get pulled over all the time. I live in Westlake. A black man in Westlake? That just don’t happen,” he said. “I got pulled over the other day for being black and happy. ‘What’s all that smiling about? You’re smiling back there.’ I was guilty.” [Huff Po]
  • Sherri Shepherd showed off her engagement ring on The View today, and talked about her son’s relationship with her fiance Lamar Sally. “Jeffrey goes, ‘Mommy, I want Sal to take me to church, not you. Only Sal,'” she said. “And they walked hand in hand down the block to church. And I just said, you know, this man not only loves me, but he adores my son. And my son adores him.” [People]
  • Johnny Weir, who discusses his sexuality publicly for the first time in his new book, says, “I was born a white male. A white gay male. I don’t ‘celebrate’ being white or male, so why should I celebrate being gay?” [N.Y. Mag]
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