Matt Gaetz’s Bestie Joel Greenburg Is Already Picking Out Decorations for Their Shared Cell

Matt Gaetz’s Bestie Joel Greenburg Is Already Picking Out Decorations for Their Shared Cell
Matt Gaetz contemplating what his cell will look like probably Image:Anna Moneymaker (Getty Images)

Joel Greenburg, a former Florida tax collector, has pled guilty to sex trafficking of a minor, among other charges, according to the Washington Post. Most importantly, in exchange for the dismissal of 27 additional charges, Greenberg has agreed to cooperate with the federal investigation into former bestie, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. Matt Gaetz has been under federal investigation since early April after allegations of his having a sexual relationship with a minor and attempting to pay a woman for sex acts surfaced. Investigators also agreed to suggest lighter sentencing for Greenburg depending on his level of cooperation in the Gaetz investigation.

In his plea, Greenburg alleges that he was not alone in his pursuits. While securing the plea deal, Greenburg reportedly told authorities that he and Matt Gaetz repeatedly paid women and minors for sex on multiple occasions during their friendship. Greenburg’s plea will be heard by a judge on Monday and should it be accepted he could see less time than the mandatory minimum of 12 years he would get for pleading guilty to sex trafficking, fraud, and aggravated identity theft.

Greenburg, who was originally arrested on charges of “fabricating allegations and evidence to smear a political opponent,” seems to have flipped quicker than the last pancake at IHOB after investigators started digging into his life searching for activities that could have put him away for decades. But his friendship with Gaetz may be the thing that saves his hide, as long as he’s willing to hand over any and all incriminating evidence he has on a man he once considered a close friend.

For his part, Gaetz has denied any wrongdoing and initially claimed that all accusations were coming from a former intelligence officer who had a vendetta against the Gaetz family. Gaetz has yet to comment on the latest turn of events with his friend turned informant.

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