Meanwhile, the Queen Rode a Pony

Meanwhile, the Queen Rode a Pony
Image: (via Getty)

Countries all over the world are protesting over the police killing of George Floyd in solidarity with the United States, and in London on Sunday, there was a massive protest against police brutality in Trafalgar Square. And at Windsor Home Park, located just west of London, the Queen rode a pony!

Indeed, USA Today reports that Queen Elizabeth II was spotted in public for the first time since the novel coronavirus pandemic hit the United Kingdom. Buckingham Palace released photos of her royal riding Fern, her 14-year-old pony. (USA Today seemed very concerned about the Queen not wearing a riding helmet, but she seems to be just fine.)

The Queen, who is 94, has spent the last few months social distancing like the rest of us, albeit with a few more national addresses. She has also reportedly been keeping up with her daily pony rides this whole time, and, like all our elders, has been learning the ins and outs of video conferencing.

Meanwhile, Page Six reports that Prince Andrew, the Queen’s Very Bad Son, probably “won’t return to his royal duties anytime soon” due to his “toxic” presence in the family. Not that there’ll be any formal investigation into that so-called toxicity, but.

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