Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Haven’t ‘Officially’ Called Off Engagement, She’s Just Pissed

"Megan is very upset" and took her thorned engagement ring off, claims an anonymous source, but things aren't quite apocalyptic between these two just yet.

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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Haven’t ‘Officially’ Called Off Engagement, She’s Just Pissed
Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox seen at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in Los Angeles on December 07, 2022 Photo:RB/MediaPunch/IPx (AP)

Following this weekend’s big news that Megan Fox scrubbed fiancé Machine Gun Kelly from her Instagram, posted a quote from Beyoncé’s cheating-themed 2016 opus Lemonade, and then went ahead and deleted her entire ‘gram comes word that…maybe things aren’t so bad after all. The source here is, naturally, anonymous and the outlet is, of course, People, which reports that a “very upset” Fox has taken her engagement ring off—which is really saying something, when the ring was designed to have literal thorns in it—but the engagement isn’t canceled, per se. Said the faceless know-it-all:

Megan is very upset. They had a fight over the weekend and Megan won’t speak to him. They haven’t officially called off the engagement, but Megan took her ring off…[They] have had issues in the past, things seem pretty serious this time.

Interestingly, or not at all, People ran this same story twice (here’s the other version) with different bylines and the same quote. Imagine someone ringing multiple People reporters with this rather thin assurance that while there is trouble in paradise for MegKell/MachineFox, things aren’t quite apocalyptic…yet? I’m afraid that after this development, we might be hearing about their potential on-again-off-again vacillating again and again.

A moment of zen from Academy Award-nominated actor Hong Chau (Best Supporting Actress, The Whale). In an interview with The Independent regarding her Oscar nod, Chau said:

So now, when people ask how it feels to be nominated, it’s strange. I really feel nothing. If I can be completely honest, it’s more like, “Oh dear.”

This concludes today’s moment of zen.

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