Millionaire Matchmaker Clashes With "Plumpty Dumpty" Female Client


Last night’s episode of Millionaire Matchmaker featured a plus-size publicist named Robin. She’s worth $1.7 million and in search of a Matthew McConaughey type. What happened to her was painful.

Matchmaker Patti Stanger had issues with Robin (whom she called a “plumpty dumpty”) right from the start. She claimed she had “no problem” with the fact that Robin is heavy, but clearly didn’t believe that Robin “deserves” a hunky, Matthew McConaughey-type guy.

Patti was annoyed that Robin’s requirements for a guy were so superficial, and said that instead of a 10, Robin’s “appropriate number” was more like a 5.

At the mixer, Patti lectured Robin for talking about pink and Hello Kitty, but it seemed like Robin didn’t need any help flirting. It also seemed like Robin got super tipsy.

Like, really tipsy. But she did meet a nice guy named Anthony, a former police officer. They bonded over dogs — he was a K9 cop.

Although Robin and Anthony had a connection, Robin decided to go on a date with an asshole plumber named Luke instead. Their date was fairly terrible; his portion involved bike riding, which Robin found very stressful and uncomfortable; and during her portion of the date, she offered to buy him a motorcycle and a car, then fondled him.

In the end, Patti yelled at Robin for being superficial and then declared, “I can’t work with you.”

On the one hand, if Robin had been a man — wealthy and overweight — who wanted a hot young thing to date, she might have still been called superficial, but would anyone dare tell her she didn’t “deserve” a hottie? Would anyone tell her to settle for a 5 instead of a 10?

On the other hand, Robin — with her love of pink and Hello Kitty — did come off as immature and not very level-headed about dating. And you’ve got to wonder if she needs to broaden her horizons; when asked about her hobbies, she mentioned her dogs. A princess-y attitude is one thing, but Robin’s desire to be taken care of and giggling make her seem like a child, when she’s actually a very successful grown woman.

But Robin has no hard feelings: “I’ve recommended [Patti’s] services to many of my single friends,” she tells the Huffington Post. Robin hasn’t yet seen the episode, but says:

Patti called me delusional and I took it as a compliment. Truly successful people have to be somewhat delusional. Only delusional people change the world. Being realistic is the easiest path to mediocrity. People thought getting in a metal tube and flying around the world was unrealistic, but the Wright Brothers didn’t think so. People thought flicking a switch and filling the room with light was delusional, but Thomas Edison didn’t think so. As a young woman, I run one of the most successful beauty and fashion PR firms in New York, I own a fabulous apartment in Manhattan, I drive a Mercedes and live the life I love. Most people would think those goals were delusional, but luckily, I am go after my dreams.

In case you’re wondering, she and Luke went on a few more dates, but things didn’t work out.

Interview: Millionairess Robin Kassner From Tonight’s Millionaire Matchmaker! [HuffPo]

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