Mocking Bret Michaels' "Hair" Neither Turns Him On Nor Rocks His World


On last night’s episode of Rock of Love Bus, one girl committed a serious infraction: She made fun of Bret Michaels’ hair (or lack thereof).

Earlier in the episode, Melissa feared she had popped her breast implant during the ice skating challenge, and went to the doctor just to make sure, as, she explained, this would not be the first time such an incident had occurred. Turns out she was fine and was able to participate in the challenge prize, which was a group date with Bret – at a strip club.

Maybe she was still upset about her near-breast experience, or the fact that she didn’t get that much “alone time” with Bret while they were on their date at the titty bar, but for whatever reason, Melissa decided to make a late-night phone call to someone she referred to as “baby,” and explain how much she wanted to leave the show, how she’s above “all of this” and perhaps worst of all, how she thinks it’s lame that Bret has extensions. Frankly, we don’t really understand what her beef is, since she has plenty of fake parts as well. But anyway, when a few of the other girls took Bret aside to tell him about Melissa’s phone call, he seemed way more upset about the hair comment than he did about finding out that she had a boyfriend back home.

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