Nas Addresses Kelis' Domestic Abuse Allegations in 7 Lengthy Instagram Posts


In April, Kelis revealed in an interview with Hollywood Unlocked that her ex-husband Nas was mentally and physically abusive over the course of their relationship. On Thursday, Nas spoke publicly about the allegations for the first time.

In seven lengthy Instagram captions that accompanied photos of nothing, the rapper denies hitting his ex-wife and repeatedly makes reference to their son (the former couple received joint custody of their son in March, after going to court several times). He starts out, in his first Instagram post, saying “Today i got a call from essence about my ex wife doing another sad fictitious story. Nothing surprises me anymore, including this.”

He goes on to describe their marriage as initially happy, but admits to being unfaithful: “Overall there was too many good times. I have to say i wasn’t the most faithful husband. I was immature. I’m sorry about that. But you bumped your own head sis.”

At various points, Nas denies Kelis’ characterization of him and their relationship: “I do not beat women. I did not beat up my ex wife. Stop. You got beat up in court.” He also claims that she was “verbally abusive” towards him He writes: “Luckily for you our assistants all signed NDA’s or you would have a list of men and women who would happily talk about how verbally abusive and evil you are.”

At another point, he says, “You make up this image of me that’s not true but it’s funny because it’s really you describing yourself. You made up stories about me and claimed i did things that YOU DID.”

In her interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Kelis said that Nas hit her during their fights and she would hit back. She also said Nas would drink to the point of blacking out. “There were times when we would have literally the worst night ever and would wake up the next day and it’s like it never happened,”she said.

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