Nothing Screams 'Our Marriage is FINE' Like a Family Photo Shoot at an Irish Castle

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Nothing Screams 'Our Marriage is FINE' Like a Family Photo Shoot at an Irish Castle
Photo:Anthony Harvey (Getty Images)

Back in October, Dominic West was photographed nuzzling the neck of his The Pursuit of Love co-star Lily James in Rome, which is problematic because West is married, and has been for ten years.

As part of their extensive “Our Marriage is Fine!” Tour, which kicked off with a press conference at their home in England, West and his wife of ten years, Catherine FitzGerald, were photographed with their kids outside of Ireland’s Glin Castle. Entitled Everything Is Great and We Are Absolutely NOT Getting Divorced, the photo is the second installment of the tour’s series, after the press conference and totally normal distribution of hand-written notes.

What says “marital bliss” louder than a teenager and several columns of ancient stone separating you from your spouse? I think these two will be just fine! [Page Six]

Here’s a festive image of the Markles with their brood, which includes two dogs and one red-headed Archie. You’ll see that Harry is emerging from what seems to be a house built for Hobbits and/or dogs. I’m not sure why, the card doesn’t say.

People claims it’s a playhouse for Archie, but I like to believe that’s just their actual home.

Variety misprinted the very somber poster for the very somber forthcoming Tom Holland movie Cherry, instead releasing a version that reads something like “?Cherkk?”

How does this happen? Did Variety’s copy desk just assume this was an edgy typeface choice? Or did Variety’s copy desk get furloughed like every other copy desk in media? The trade has since issued an apology accompanied by the correct image, but the cherkk’s already out of the bag.

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  • The queen’s chutney. [People]
  • Here’s who’s getting custody of Brad and Angelina’s kids on Christmas, if you care. [Us Weekly]
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