Oh, the Timeline of John Mulaney and Olivia Munn’s Love Is a Bit Sketchy, You Say?

Shocker! Knock me over with a feather! Surprise! Gasp!

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Oh, the Timeline of John Mulaney and Olivia Munn’s Love Is a Bit Sketchy, You Say?
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Well! Imagine! That! Some people (and not just angry now-former fans producing painstakingly crafted TikToks) have put on their little investigative journalism hats and taken a close look at the timeline of John Mulaney and Olivia Munn’s fast and furious amour and are finding some discrepancies. Let’s see here.

According to Page Six’s indefatigable little birds, Mulaney’s appearance on Seth Meyers’s television program was an attempt to try to construct an iron-clad narrative of their love:

A celebrity agent who has worked with Munn said: “I don’t think it’s any coincidence that John broke the news of Olivia’s pregnancy the way he did in terms of basically giving a timeline of his past few months — when he moved out of his house, how it was the spring when he fell in love with Olivia. It seems to me that he is going to great lengths to dispute the idea that he cheated.”

Apparently, the rumors about Munn being pregnant have been around for weeks, and Mulaney confirming her pregnancy on national television was an attempt to address those. But it seems he was not entirely successful, with Page Six pointing out that he had clearly known Munn for years and they definitely did not meet at church, as People claimed. Plus, a source identified as a “Tendler insider” close to Mulaney’s now-ex had this to say: “Anna Marie knew he was doing things with other women before he went to rehab in December.”

Though I suppose this is a parenthetical, I feel it’s essential to present all the evidence: There’s also this bit from the Daily News in December 2020, which involves Kacey Musgraves’s ex, Ruston Kelly. Munn and Ruston were “hanging out” in December 2020. Munn and Mulaney were “dating” as of May 2021. But if you read the Page Six report closely, it seems like they were dating earlier than May 2021, and Kacey and her ex-husband got divorced sometime in 2020.

My True Detective-style red string evidence board has fallen off the wall now, as it is overburdened with paparazzi photos and printouts of tweets, etc, so I’m afraid everything here is inconclusive. All there really is to say is that something smells fishy! [Page Six]

As the kids or maybe the adults say, mood.

No way to know what is going in Ms. Britney Jean Spears’s brain as she prepares for the second half of her life to start once she is free from her conservatorship, but I am personally thrilled at every turn and eagerly awaiting whatever the hell is coming next.

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