Remembering Rock of Love, the Most Beautiful, Shameless Dating Show Ever Made


This is TV Time Capsule, our chance to revisit moments that defined a genre, era, or generation. In each episode, we’ll take a critical look at a show, theme, or entertainer to relive the absurdity of pre-streaming programming.

In the summer of 2007, Poison frontman and bandana enthusiast Bret Micheals reinserted himself into the pop culture landscape via Rock of Love, a reality dating show that, for all its many faults, is one of the more perfect shows of this iteration to date.

For three seasons, Micheals pawed his way through a bevy of good-natured women with curious fashion choices for the entertainment of a horrified general public, eager to witness the spectacle of a cock rock impresario making an attempt at establishing a real connection. Though it was clear that the show was pure, uncut garbage from the very first episode, that did not deter me or Jezebel creative producer Joyzel Acevedo from watching it in its heyday. Follow along as we take a nice trip down memory lane with Bret, Big John, and a group of women, all of whom we’d never dare to threaten with a good time.

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