Rick Ross Got a Cazal Face Tattoo, Discuss


Ricky Rozay decided that a good thing to do just before he turns 39 later this month was to get seven new face tattoos to add to the one already on his lower lip. That is all fine. The thing I have questions about is that, among his crown, crosses, and Maybach Music tats he has also inked the logo for Cazal, the iconic brand of glasses he wears, just below his eye, hitting presumably right beneath the spot where said Cazals land on his face. What is going on?

If he were Taylor Swift, the automatic answer would be that the brand is paying him to do it (now that I think of it, Taylor Swift should totally get the Diet Coke and Target logos tatted on her face). But Cazals are such a symbolic part of hip-hop’s legacy—most recognizably first popularized by Run-DMC’s Darryl McDaniels, though more recently everyone from Erykah Badu to Amber Rose to Rihanna has worn a pair—it’s conceivable that Rick Ross is simply paying homage to what the logo implies, in the same way some people get the Louis Vuitton quatrefoils tatted on their fingers. Either way, pretty psyched to see how this plays out, which we will all know when happens because IT IS ON HIS FACE.

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