Sex Is Never Gratuitous in Vida Season 2


Orgies, piñatas, and foot fetishes. Season 2 of Vida has it all and shows it all, picking up shortly after sisters Emma (Mishel Prada) and Lynn (Melissa Barrera) discover their deceased mother’s wife Eddy, has survived a vicious attack by a homophobic man in a local bar bathroom. While each sister chooses to cope with the event in a different way—Emma pours herself into working on Vida’s bar, and Lynn tries to find more money to help her sister—there’s no hiding from their true selves in the bedroom or any of the other places they get it on this season.

“During every sex scene or intimate scene in Vida, there’s realizations, there’s growth,” Barrera tells Jezebel. “And in the orgy, that happens.”

Watch the interview above for Prada’s and Barrera’s takes on their characters’ sex scenes.

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