So, How Was Lindsay Lohan as a Judge on The Masked Singer?

So, How Was Lindsay Lohan as a Judge on The Masked Singer?
Image:Channel 10

The Australian version of The Masked Singer began airing this week “down under,” which is nice for Australians who want their delirium home cooked and with commentary like, “‘E’s cheeky, I reckon!” This version of the show might be not worth remarking on at all from halfway across the globe were it not for the presence of the always watchable Lindsay Lohan on its panel of judges. Were Lindsay to show up incoherent, she would match the show’s tone entirely, but instead the frequently… curious star was subdued, engaged, maybe occasionally awkward, but lots of fun on Monday’s premiere.

A rendition of “Man! I Feel Like a Woman,” by a seeming man under a wolf costume got her up and dancing, she vogued in a way that was entirely reminiscent of Valerie Cherish, and she revealed a fun fact about octopuses that I thought was made up (females kill males after mating) but in fact was stated by a scientist on our very own sister site Gizmodo last year. Lindsay Lohan on The Masked Singer Australia taught me something. Never thought I would be able to say that, happy to find it’s the world in which I live.

Lohan has gotten some Aussie heat for very clearly not knowing who Gretel Killeen was when she revealed herself from inside the Octopus costume upon being booted from the show. Do you know Gretel Killeen? I sure as hell don’t. I’m sorry to this woman. Lindsay, you’re doing amazing, sweetie. Keep it up.

A reel of Lohan’s highlights is below.

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