​Someone Already Pitched a Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Movie


Today, in Horrible Ideas that Should Burn in a Fire, Indian director Rupesh Paul pitched a movie based on the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 tragedy that occurred not even two months ago at Cannes. The film, entitled “The Vanishing Act” boasts the tagline, “the untold story of the vanished Malaysian flight.” First, let’s be real—that tagline belongs at CNN (swish). Apparently a journalist got in touch with Paul with a theory of what happened and twenty days later Paul had a screenplay. Via Variety:

“People ask me one thing,” Paul said in an interview with Variety. “If you’re saying a theory and suddenly the flight is found and it’s totally the opposite, your investment will be wasted. We will be fools. That’s the biggest challenge I’m facing.”
He also said he doesn’t think the families of the missing plane would find his film insensitive. “I will make sure no passengers will be hurt because of this,” Paul said.
Paul acknowledged that his film is partly a work of fiction, as there is still no evidence about what happened to Flight 370 and its 227 passengers or crew members.

If the biggest challenge Paul faces isn’t an ethical challenged that arises out of using a huge catastrophe that is still playing out in hundreds of peoples’ lives for the express purpose of making money, then maybe he should reconsider some things in his life. You can watch the dumb trailer over at Variety.

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