The Dynasty Reboot Is Trying to Make Us Care About Rich People Again


Normally, I enjoy vegging out in front of a show filled with sex, betrayal and hair pulling, but about 30 seconds into this first look at the CW’s Dynasty reboot I was thinking, “Who cares about these freaking Ivankas?”

The “one percent of the one percent” is running the country these days, so I can’t really root for any of these rich bitches to come out on top. I guess in the end it’ll be the “black sheep” Cristal, who is trying to claw her way into the Carrington family through marriage and humping billionaire Blake Carrington on a desk. Her competitor, Fallon Carrington, wants daddy’s business, and also to sleep with everyone. I can only identify with one of her objectives.

CW marketing president Rick Haskins told Hollywood Life that they’re not changing the formula of the original series too much, despite certain changes in the domestic landscape that may make people less sympathetic towards the rich and angry.

“I think that Dynasty is not unlike what we had with Riverdale last year in that we have a built-in audience of people who knew the Archie characters and our job was to bring them in as well as a new audience,” he said. “We focused in on bringing in the new audience because we knew the old audience would follow.”

Dynasty’s old audience is really old now, but there is one thing that remains timeless: drama. Maybe they’ll cycle through the family dynamics quickly and get to more of a historical drama in which people storm the Carrington’s front gates for bread. That’d be worth a Season 2.

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