​The Most Searched For Halloween Costumes Are So Boring

If there’s one thing that I have learned from this list it’s that pirates will never go out of Halloween vogue. But we might finally be over fucking vampires.

Yahoo released their list of the most searched for halloween costumes, and honestly, this shit is boring. I supposed I should be grateful that neither the three-breasted lady nor Ebola nor Nicki Minaj from the “Anaconda” video, nor Malaysian Airlines, nor anything ISIS related made the cut, but shit, have some sense of adventure, people!

The top five searches were Ninja Turtles (Really? Thanks Michael Bay), pirate (thanks Jack Sparrow), Star Wars (just a non-sarcastic thanks in general), Poison Ivy (thanks sultry redheads), and the ever vague ‘Superhero costume.’ Seriously, it was just listed as ‘Superhero.’ Not Batman, or Captain Marvel or Orgazmo. Just ‘Superhero.’ Other costumes that made the list include some Frozen characters, various Disney princesses, and Great Gatsby costumes. Honestly, I’m not surprised—it is Yahoo, the same people that brought us “How is babby formed?”

The Amazon searches were marginally more exciting. Women were all about the Maleficent costumes, Catwoman and Wonder Woman. The top search for dudes on Amazon was “Bavarian,” aka lederhosen, a banana, or a Superman T-shirt. Meanwhile most popular pet costume searches were a lion and a dog tux and top hat.

And Google searches? Dominated by Frozen characters, Maleficent, and Ninja Turtles. YAWN. Things happened this year people! Get creative! Where are the Rust Cohles? Or the Teddy Roosevelts from the World Cup? Or the Solanges? Come on people, I believe in you!

Image via Shutterstock.

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