The Oscars Did a Little Bit of Good


The Oscars ditched having a host this year and instead decided to have a little bit of taste. Despite some disappointing choices (Green Book?!?) the night did contain some unexpected victories, recognizing some of the nominees making the most compelling art, if not just the splashiest. Maybe things are changing a little; in some categories, it seemed like the Academy challenged its white-guy myopia by awarding films that focused on—and were made perfect by—people of color and women. After years of the same old song and dance, there’s still room for firsts.

Here are some of the highlights from Sunday night’s winners:

Best Costume Design: Ruth Carter, Black Panther

Carter is the first black woman to receive the Oscar for Best Costume Design.

Best Production Design: Hannah Beachler, Black Panther

Beachler is both the first black woman to be nominated for the Oscar for Best Production Design and the first black woman to win.

Best Animated Feature: Into the Spider-Verse

An animated super-hero movie about an Afro-Latino kid won Best Animated Feature, making Peter Ramsey (second from the left) the first black director to win in this category.

Best Short Documentary: Period. End of Sentence.

A movie about the horror of PERIODS (!!!) won Best Short Documentary. Rayza Zehtabchi and Melissa Berton were the only women directors nominated in this category this year.

Best Adapted Screenplay: BlacKkKlansman

This is Spike Lee’s first Oscar. ‘Bout time.

Best Actor: Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody

Malek gave an emotional speech after winning Best Actor: “I am the son of immigrants from Egypt,” he reminded viewers. “I’m a first-generation American.”

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