This Dude's Name Is Taylor Swift and He's Living His Best Life


Taylor Adam Swift is a 30-year-old photographer living in Seattle. His art isn’t bad, but that’s not why he’s been blowing up all over the internet. Just like Attorney Justin Bieber, Swift is getting more and more attention because he shares a name with every teen’s favorite Grammy-winning pop star.

GQ reports that Swift, who was born first, is pretty unfazed by the entire thing. Sure, he’s had to change his email address because [email protected] became a carnival of horrors, but he also sometimes gets free drinks because people freak out about his name constantly.

Being named Taylor Swift, though, can pose some professional problems. According to The Week, the photog’s website can’t be found quickly when searching Google, and fans of the singer are constantly trying to get in touch with him, sending him fan letters or trying to get him to talk to them on Facetime.

From Newsweek:

I kept getting a FaceTime request and I kept ignoring it. Finally I answered it, and it was this guy laying on his bed with his shirt off. I looked at him and was like, “What’s up, man?” and I was like “You called me” and then he hung up.

He’s not the only person named Taylor Swift who’s had problems trying to keep his life together in the wake of the pop star. A female Taylor Swift in New York—who’s also a singer: can you even imagine—had her Facebook account terminated because the site believed she was impersonating the pop star.

Facebook shut off my profile because they thought I was impersonating her. She must have been 15, so I was 18 or 19. She started to get popular and Facebook contacted me saying, “We are so sorry, but any impersonation of any kind is forbidden.” I sing, too, and in college I was in a singing group and they thought I was literally impersonating her because people would write on my wall [about performances]. I had to send in three forms of ID. I think it took three-and-a-half weeks to get it back. Now my [Facebook] name is Taylor [middle name] because I can’t have my first and last name on there… On my business cards I have Taylor M. Swift.

The male Taylor Swift has also taken to putting his middle name on everything. No word on whether he’s mad at his parents for not being able to predict that someone with his name would one day be adored by millions.

Oh, and just in case Taylor “Blank Space” Swift is reading this: Taylor Adam Swift wants to give you your fan mail.

If you’re interested in reading more about ordinary people with celebrity names, NPR did a fascinating article on the Katy Perrys and Chris Browns of the world (they’re all tired of the Rihanna jokes) in 2012. In the comments, people chimed in with their own unfortunate celebrity names. While I feel for Mary Kate Olson and Glenn Beck—I am so sorry, dude—at least the woman who’s really upset about being named Ashley Tisdale doesn’t have much to worry about these days.

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