Tyra Lands Interview With Internet's "Cuppy Cake" Boy


Friday’s episode of Tyra was all about YouTube stars, and she managed to find the Cuppy Cake boy who has captivated millions of people (including us).

The boy’s name is Sam and he’s 9 years old. When we posted his video, some readers got upset, saying that he is either obese or sick, and that whoever posted the original video is exploiting him. It turns out that Sam is sick (he has kidney disease and has been taking steroids for six years) and that his sister posted the video because the entire family thought it was funny. The negative comments affected them at first, but then they realized that they had an opportunity to teach people about Sam’s illness. He’s currently writing a children’s book explaining what it’s like to be chronically ill.

Tyra took the interview as an opportunity to taunt Jimmy Kimmel (because he wanted to find Sam and have him on his show first) and then she decided to make a video of herself and Sam singing the “Cuppy Cake Song,” which she posted on YouTube.

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