Vermont State Senator Arrested on Sexual Assault Charge


Republican Vermont state senator (and vocal conservative) Norman McAllister was arrested Thursday night—outside the Statehouse, no less—and apparently it’s on charges of sexual assault and “prohibited acts.”

That’s according to the Burlington Free Press. The allegations are pretty ugly:

The charges allege that McAllister sought sex instead of rent payments from two women, neither of whom wished to participate. The authorities also say that McAllister, a longtime dairy and goat farmer, told at least one of the women that she could reduce her rent payments by having sex with Mexican farm workers. The woman refused, and McAllister dropped the issue, court papers state.
Court papers also describe a third victim, whom McAllister is accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting since 2013.

The paper also adds:

…police had both women place recorded phone calls to the senator. In the conversations, which are quoted in a sworn police affidavit by Detective Sgt. Benjamin Katz of the Vermont State Police, McAllister makes allusions to exchanging sex for rent payments he is due.
He also apologizes to one of the women for sex acts that caused her physical and emotional pain in the past, and for forcing her to participate in unwelcome sexual conduct, Katz wrote.

“I don’t remember any lawmaker ever being arrested in my life in public service in Vermont,” said Governor Peter Shumlin. At his arraignment earlier today, McAllister pled not guilty.

Photos via AP, Shutterstock/jiawangkun.

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