15 TikToks That Deserve Academy Awards

15 TikToks That Deserve Academy Awards

TikTok: It’s not as good as Vine, that’s for sure. But once you dig past the videos of white kids lip-syncing rap songs, there are some gems. For those who still don’t what the hell this app is but enjoy good videos made by the youths, here are 20 TikToks that are good in no particular order.

1. This recreation of the Pretty Little Liars opening credits made inexplicably with a banana.

2. This sweeping, stunning portrayal of a world at war

3. This intense drama

4. This heartfelt performance of grief

5. This dangerous stunt

6. This musical biopic about a singing, piano playing dog

7. This powerful commentary on capitalistic greed

8. This creepy, meta rumination on social media performance

9. This “Pumpkin Friend” epic with a surprise twist

10. This concert

11. This PSA for college students

12. This oldie but goodie

13. This deadass good look at our future

14. This romantic drama

15. This mindblowing actor transformation

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