8-Year-Old Boy Loves Dressing To The Nines

Meet Arlo Weiner, son of Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner. Arlo loves to wear classic fashions, like tailcoats, gold lamé suit jackets, top hats and fedoras, which some people seem to find amusing.

Arlo became interested in fashion when after watching an old movie, he asked for a top hat and monocle for his third birthday. “I remember that he could barely speak and he told us that’s what he wanted,” his mother, architect Linda Brettler, said in a L.A. Times article.

While his father’s show has set off an obsession with clothes from the 1960s, Arlo’s tastes are from an even earlier generation. “We joke that his favorite candy is Coffee Nips — he really likes the Victorian stuff, the ruffled collars, the dandy look,” says Brettler, who thinks he gets his style from his parents. “Matt and I have always loved old clothes — I wear mostly old clothes to events and parties,” she said. “We also like to encourage the kids to pursue their interests.”

But not everyone is as accepting of Arlo’s passion for fashion:

Last month, the curious case of Master Weiner’s wardrobe went viral; after GQ posted an online style profile dubbing him “America’s most stylish eight-year-old,” websites weighed in. “Finally someone tops Kanye!” one noted. “This kid is my hero. I must adopt him,” decreed another.

Even though internet commenters have a tendency to mock him, Arlo is comfortable with his fashion choices and says his classmates don’t tease him that much, even when he wears a tuxedo to school. “Someone might ask why I’m dressed so fancy in a mean way, but I just say I dress this way because I want to,” says Arlo.

Arlo Weiner, 8-year-old Fashion Plate [The L.A. Times]

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