A horrible symmetry.


In today’s dead anorexic model news, we bring you 18-year-old Eliana Ramos, who died of malnutrition on Tuesday, at her grandmother’s home in Uruguay. That’s her on the left above.

Does the name sound familiar? It should. Because up there on the right above, is her dead anorexic 20-year-old sister Luisel, who collapsed and died on the runway six months ago.

Despite the fact that you can count her ribs and she died of MALNUTRITION, Eliana’s boss at Argentine agency Dotto Models, appears to have contracted an acute case of denial:

“Eliana’s boss Pancho Dotto said of her death: ‘It is absurd that people are speaking about anorexia or bulimia in this tragic case. She had never had problems with her diet. It is obvious the sisters’ deaths must be due to a genetic problem.'”

Hey pal, we know what YOUR genetic problems is, you’re a complete fucking asshole.

[Pancho Dotto is a prick]

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