A Reminder That Tyga Is Terrible


Tyga did a radio interview with The Breakfast Club on Thursday because he’s working on…??? And before he could even say “Good morning,” the show’s co-host Charlemagne Tha God launched into a question about his controversial relationship with his ex Kylie Jenner, whose brother is now the ex of Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna, who’s also the mother of Tyga’s son.

“How did you lose Kylie, bruh? Let’s get to it,” Charlemagne inquires immediately. Tyga reiterates to the hosts and listeners that he and Kylie—who was 17 at the time they were rumored to be dating (Tyga was then 25)—“started off as friends and then we got in a relationship.” When asked about the “pedophile” label he gets branded with for dating a teen, Tyga says, “I’m always ahead of the curve… I’m just always ahead of the curve.” A terrible, unsurprising response from someone who bragged in song about having a young girlfriend.

Tyga adds in the interview, referring to Kylie, “I knew she had a lotta potential and I knew—I felt like I was put in that position to kind of help her.” Later on, Charlemagne presses some more, asking Tyga about being labeled a “sexual predator.” “You see the memes, Tyga, come on now,” says Charlemagne. Tyga goes on to take credit for heightening both Kylie’s and Blac Chyna’s visibility. “People wanted to say stuff when I was with her, but then they want to post her, like, ‘She’s the hottest girl.’”

Charlemagne: But we waited till she was 18.
Tyga: I did, too.

That’s established. Elsewhere, Tyga says he didn’t find it awkward at all that his ex’s brother (Rob Kardashian) later hooked up with his ex (Blac Chyna) and they now have a child together—“I told him what he was gon’ deal with,” Tyga says of Rob’s current drama. “Chyna, she just got a different mentality. She really is a good person at heart but she been through a lot in her life and she really didn’t have people to guide her in her life.” I’m reminded of this piece “Tyga Is Good At Nothing,” where my colleague Justin Charity writes: “This kid is not a star. So what are we watching here, exactly? And why?”

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