A Very Pissed-Off Trump Has Some Big Plans for His Last Week in Office

A Very Pissed-Off Trump Has Some Big Plans for His Last Week in Office
Photo:Alex Wong (Getty Images)

Booted off of Facebook and Twitter, on the verge of becoming the only president to ever be impeached twice…what’s a guy to do??

Lest you thought for a minute that Trump would simply fade away in humiliation after inciting a deadly insurrection and agreeing not to attend Biden’s inauguration—which you would probably only think if you have pundit brain—I’m here to report that a very pissed-off Trump has some destructive plans for his final days in office, and they’re not confined to merely trying to find someone who will let him use their Twitter account.

According to Bloomberg News, Trump will embark on something of a redemption tour over the next 10 days, in attempts to cement his pathetic “legacy.” Now confident that Mike Pence won’t remove him under the 25th amendment, Trump intends to kick off the tour with a trip to Alamo, Texas, on Tuesday, where he’s expected to boast about the border wall he has been rushing to finish before he leaves office.

After that, Trump reportedly plans to pardon a few more people—probably not himself, though he’s thought about it. And he may issue any or all of the several executive orders he’s prepared targeting Big Tech, in light of the deplatforming push that has occurred over the last few days.

So far, Trump’s senior week doesn’t include preparing for a possible impeachment trial, but perhaps he might consider it? Though it’s virtually possible for Congress to complete impeachment proceedings by Jan. 20, House Democrats are quickly moving forward with plans to bring articles to the floor this week for a vote, and a Senate trial could conceivably take place after Biden is sworn in. (Democrats are thinking sometime after Biden’s first 100 days in office.)

As has been well-established by the events of the last several weeks: There was never going to be a peaceful transition. And it’s certainly not going to begin now.

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