All Clothes Should Have A Pee Hole

All Clothes Should Have A Pee Hole
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On Wednesday night’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Kim Kardashian West, an entrepreneur who specializes in selling products that nobody actually needs, had a brief moment of genius. She was forced to reveal her latest Google search on air, posing the simple question: Is shape wear better with a pee hole? Uh, absolutely. Sometimes you’ve just really gotta go! Kardashian West explained that she was toying with the idea of adding a “pee hole to certain items in her SKIMS shapewear line. Other retailers, take note!

As a woman with a bladder that I imagine to be the size of a grape, I am constantly on the precipice of peeing my pants. Any time I am leaving my home or any other building with a working toilet, I always make sure to try and go, just in case. It might seem silly to you, but the three seconds that a pee hole would save me during the times that I really need to go, could save me from an impending disaster.

My only reservation is about the size of said pee hole. Obviously, it would need to be large enough to ensure that you’re not just peeing directly onto your clothes. I imagine that means it would have to be roughly the size of my entire vagina. Maybe a little flap like a child’s onesie?

Either way, all clothes should be more conducive to peeing in an emergency. Dresses and skirts are basically one big pee hole already, but manufacturers of pants, shorts, spandex, and ESPECIALLY rompers should strongly consider following Kardashian West’s lead here. Please, I’m begging you.

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