All The Oscars Moments You Need To See


Couldn’t sit through four hours of stars thanking their agents and reading corny jokes from a teleprompter? Here are all of the best moments from this year’s Oscars, from Melissa Leo dropping the first F-bomb in Academy Awards history to James Franco dressed as Marilyn Monroe.

In the opening montage, Anne Hathaway and James Franco enter Alec Baldwin’s dreams to retrieve hosting tips.

Kirk Douglas stalls for comic effect before announcing the Best Supporting Actress winner.

If they gave out awards for best performance during an acceptance speech, Melissa Leo would be a shoe in.

The biggest surprise of the night: Christian Bale wasn’t the one who cursed during his acceptance speech.

James Franco’s Cher number was nixed, but there was no way the man was hosting the Oscars without appearing in drag.

David Seidler wins Best Original Screenplay for The King’s Speech, making him the oldest person ever to win in that category.

James Franco concludes a segment about the winners of the technical Oscars by calling them nerds.

Aaron Sorkin has finally earned the respect of his daughter’s guinea pig.

These Auto-Tuned ballads from Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, The Social Network, and Twilight: Eclipse were way more enjoyable than the actual Best Song nominees.

Sorry, Gwyneth. This song from Country Strong is no “Forget You.”

Franco is offended by the high number of dirty movies nominated this year.

The King’s Speech director Tom Hooper has the best reason for thanking his mom.

Natalie Portman classes things up for the Oscars by omitting the part of her Golden Globes speech in which she discussed boning her fiance.

This speech would’ve been better if Colin Firth went with his instincts and did a jig.

The King’s Speech wins for Best Picture. Most people’s DVRs had already cut off by this point, so the cast and crew thoughtfully decided not to say anything that interesting.

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