Amanda Stetson Perplexes Us


This Sunday’s New York Times’ wedding-announcements carried the full-range of reasons to celebrate love this Valentine’s Day, including one particular ceremony starring a ruggedly handsome ketchup-heir set among the backdrop of an Episcopal church.

But one wedding in particular stood out…way out.

The 4-paragraph report announcing the marriage of kindergarten teacher Amanda Stetson to banker Peter Espy was notable not for what was included within, but for what wasn’t. Namely, the fact that the newly-minted Mrs. Espy is not an “Until Recently”.

That’s right, kids: Unlike so many other ambitious young New York elementary-school instructors, Amanda de Sales Stetson, kindergarten teacher at Manhattan’s P.S. 116, did not use the occasion of her marriage to a unrepentant capitalist as reason to quit her job and live a life of well-financed leisure.

Of course, Mrs. Espy’s almost unprecedented act of altruism to the 5-year-olds of New York City could be easily explained away by the fact that her father is managing director of a Manhattan venture capital firm and therefore she’s never wanted for Hermes or Bottega anyway. But still.

Amanda Stetson and Peter Espy [NY Times]

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