Ambulance Called To Justin Bieber's House For Unconscious Woman


As I am on the official Justin Bieber beat here at Jezebel, I consider it my journalistic-y responsibility to bring you this breaking news story. A woman reportedly passed out at Justin Bieber’s home this weekend early Saturday morning. TMZ is reporting that ambulances “raced” to Bieber’s Calabasas, Calif. home following a 911 call place from the residence. (Because if they weren’t going to Bieber’s house, they’d just be cruising around, taking it all ‘cas’ on their drives to 911 calls, I guess.)

Via TMZ:

We’ve learned paramedics were dispatched to Bieber’s crib this morning around 3 a.m. after someone at Beiber’s reported there was a 20-year old unconscious female at the house … but 15 minutes later the ambulances were called off.
Beiber was home at the time 911 was called. The person who called off the fire department told dispatch the woman would be transported privately to the hospital. But sources familiar with the situation tell us … the woman regained consciousness and when she was told 911 had been called she insisted they be called off.

Luckily, the woman is fine and didn’t need to go to the hospital. TMZ reports the woman just went home; a source connected to Bieber’s security team (ooh, clandestine) said the call was placed as a matter of precaution. They also say they “know” alcohol was involved. Ummm, OK, TMZ?

Image Via Getty Images

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