You Cannot Convince Me Carrie and Aidan NEVER Saw Each Other?!

I'm expected to believe that after Carrie and Aidan broke up for the second time, Steve and Aidan were just like, “Yeah I guess it’s over for us too?!”

You Cannot Convince Me Carrie and Aidan NEVER Saw Each Other?!

There were a lot of fantastical Sex and the City storylines that are difficult to believe: They all arrive at Charlotte’s first wedding just as she’s about to walk down the aisle (were there no 7 a.m. bridesmaids call times in 2003?); the show only has about three hangovers, despite them all downing martinis like the vodka is water in the Mad Max desert; and Carrie somehow never breaks an ankle in those stilettos.

I have always enjoyed my time inside Carrie Bradshaw’s deranged and therapist-averse New York City, so I’ll grant them those. But there’s one storyline for which I simply cannot suspend disbelief: There is absolutely no way in hell that Carrie and Aidan—apart from their insane run-in during season 6 and even more insane run-in in Abu Dhabi in the second film—never fucking saw each other. I’ve been privately stewing over the senselessness of this illogical plot point the last 10 years—but the teaser trailer for And Just Like That Season 2 was released today, and I will stew alone no more.

“BuT CaRrIe WaS tHe WoRsT tO AiDaN.” Yes, I fully agree but, and please hear me out, were Steve and Aidan not BFFs?! More importantly, were they not partners in that damn bar? Did their business contract evaporate the second Carrie said she didn’t want to get married?

How am I to just accept that, after Carrie and Aidan broke up for the second time (which, feel like they could have gone to couple’s therapy and been OK but whatever), Steve and Aidan were just like, “Yeah I guess that means it’s over for us too. Later bro.” No. They still worked together. They both had babies at about the same time. In Season 5, when Carrie gets all self-conscious over Nina Katz, Steve tells her that Aidan’s doing great “now” but that he had to bring him chicken wings in bed in the month after their breakup. “He lost his ability to open up and trust women,” is Steve’s exact line. That is one special and everlasting bromance!

All this is to say, in the Sex and the City universe, Steve and Aidan were still very much in each other’s lives—which means Miranda was still very much in Aidan’s life. So how are you going to fucking try and tell me Darren Starr and Michael Patrick King that Carrie and Aidan never saw each other?! Did Miranda and Carrie both ban themselves from ever going to the bar? Did Miranda ban Aidan from every single friend/family/Brady gathering for all eternity? (It was bullshit that Aidan wasn’t invited to Brady’s first birthday party.) After Carrie ran into Aidan in the souk, Miranda didn’t immediately think, Oh fuck, I totally forgot Steve said he was traveling here too? I’m really supposed to believe that, at the very least, Miranda never mentioned Aidan in passing throughout her and Carrie’s decades-long friendship?

I realize I’ve raised more questions than answers here, and I apologize for adding a new facet to the already infuriating Carrie-and-Aidan dynamic. The And Just Like That teaser trailer gives us a quick glimpse of their reunion, so we’ll have to wait until June to learn how that plays out. (I’m convinced it’s going to be some type of dreamworld “what could have been?” scenario.)

With that said, I’m super excited for the second season and hope the powers that be can find a way to immortalize them all so that we can live inside Carrie Bradshaw’s absurd and fabulous little metropolis until it inevitably sinks beneath the rising ocean. And Just Like That…Climate Change 😉

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