Andrew Tate Mocked for Tweeting About His ‘Full Head of Hair’ While Bald

“I saw my reflection today and I barely recognized myself / A long beard, a full head of hair / and the stresses of battle show on my face," he wrote. Hm.

Andrew Tate Mocked for Tweeting About His ‘Full Head of Hair’ While Bald
Andrew Tate (bald) and his brother, Tristan (has hair), outside a Romanian courthouse. Photo:Andreea Campeanu (Getty Images)

Andrew Tate has been held in Romanian jail for more than two months now on human trafficking charges, and based on his tweets alone, things don’t seem to be going very well.

In addition to sporadic tweets about fighting “ghosts” in his cell and sleeping with cockroaches and bedbugs, on Tuesday, Tate tweeted, “I saw my reflection today and I barely recognized myself / A long beard, a full head of hair / and the stresses of battle show on my face.” The lines were comical enough given their haiku-like format from the self-identified alpha male, but it’s his words that are now being aggressively clowned on—even by some of his more diehard fans. Recent photos of Tate reporting to court for trial show only sparse, dust-like strands of hair on his mostly bald head.

Tate ordinarily sports a completely bald ‘do, but clearly isn’t able to shave the minimal hair on his head in jail. As a result, he’s essentially bald, but not completely bald—just bald enough to make it quite clear the 36-year-old influencer suffers from a severe case of ​​male pattern baldness. This is despite how Tate has long insisted he’s bald by choice, not biology. Sure, Jan.

“Lol the words ‘head full of hair’ are really doing a lot of heavy lifting,” one user wrote in a tweet showing a screenshot of Tate’s tweet alongside a photo of him outside a Romanian courthouse recently.

Others—including even some of Tate’s adoring followers—have replied to his tweet to express confusion. “I’ll be honest I would not consider that a long beard or full head of hair,” one user wrote, while another replied, “I felt the same way, but I was too scared to say.”

One person replied to Tate’s tweet with a photo of the manosphere blogger and alleged rapist, his head conspicuously lacking in hair, alongside his younger brother, sporting a full fucking mane:

Look, here’s what I think happened: Tate knows he can do no wrong and tell no lies to his wildly indoctrinated fan base. With every disturbing rape allegation against him—backed by ample evidence, including chilling audio and video and police investigations—his fans maintain his innocence. Even as his website once described his business model in terms that quite literally amount to human trafficking, Tate fans maintain that the charges against him are false. It’s absolutely frightening how many especially young men and teenage boys are eager to buy everything this man says, to listen to him as he doles out advice on how to beat and choke women—to the extent that school teachers are being forced to address him in classrooms.

Tate has clearly taken note of their weird devotion to him—maybe opining his nonexistent “full head of hair” was a sort of loyalty test to measure how willing they are to buy the rest of his lies?

In any case, for all his tweeting and hairy delusions of grandeur, Tate is and will remain in prison. At the end of February, his sentence was extended by another month, meaning he’ll stay behind bars at least through the end of March. Romanian prosecutors say Tate and his brother are suspected of being part of a criminal group that lures women via false promises, sexually exploits them, and subjects them to “physical violence and mental coercion through intimidation, constant surveillance, control and invoking alleged debts”—AKA human trafficking. He deserves most bad things that come his way at this point.

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